BP Candidate for Telos Network
Our team are blockchain fans, we have try to make deep understanding of EOSIO software, and we are trying to developing wonderful DAPPs for communities. We also seek to work together with Enterprises and Government Organizations that believe in the power of working together to make a positive long term impact by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. We are on the way to be a well-known, perfect,effective team in EOSIO community.

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Improve together with you
We would love to keep contact with all people and origination who are keen on EOSIO, and work together to Release a powerful force. We can also work together to develop DAPPs based on EOSIO, to contribute to community.
High secure
Our technical team have abundant experience in networking security. This need for blockchain security is growing more serious as the days go by, The team has been working very hard to ensure that all our security needs have been met.
Knowledge sharing with community
We hold discussion every week to share our knowledge with people who are interested in that. This is the best change to learn from each other, and keep our knowledge in the same pace.
Andrew U
Chief of Organization
12 years of experience in IT industry ranging from hardware support, engineering and maintenance to enterprise-level information system analysis, design, development and implementation. Specialization in intranet and extranet system development, enterprise applications integration and business process automation. Extensive experience with high load enterprise 24/7 systems, stress testing, profiling, bottlenecks analysis and performance optimization.
Maria Beetroot
Chief of Communication
Petr Yakimchuk
Head of Servers
Bare Metal Servers
BP Node - i7-6700K - 32GB - HardRaid 2x480GB SSD
BP Node Backup - i7-6700K - 32GB - HardRaid 2x480GB SSD
API Node - i7-6700K - 16GB - HardRaid 2x480GB SSD


Andrew Perepelitsa sole owner of the company.
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